Dec 4, 2013


昨日,余华在NYTimes上发表一篇观点(opinion),题为被绑架的爱国主义(The hijacking of Chinese patriotism),原文以中文写成,后被译成英文。版权原因,不能全文转载,但是主要思想可以用其中两句话形容:
  • “在我看来,这个引发东海紧张态势的防空识别区的主要意义不是警告日本政府,而是向自己的人民展示爱国主义的姿态。”

    (In my view, the significance of this step is not the warning to Japan, but the patriotic stance it represents.)
  • “共产党64年来的爱国主义教育,成功地将热爱祖国和热爱党热爱政府熔于一炉。国家和执政者的区别被悄无声息地抹去之后,爱国主义也就被绑架了,然后很容易被狭窄的民族主义所操纵。”

    (The patriotic education promoted by the Communist Party over the last 64 years has managed to equate “love of country” with love of the party and the government. But when the distinction between country and ruler is erased, patriotism ends up being hijacked, and easily manipulated by a narrow-minded nationalism.)


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